Five Secret Steps to Confidential Banking




Step 1 – This foundational step is all about setting the stage for creating and optimizing cash flow life insurance to maximize your benefit.  Think about it from the perspective of the people and organizations that are already using it.  There is a reason the rich stay rich, because they know the secrets of how to use this system.  They know how to pick the right organization that provides the credentials necessary to optimize this system.

There are many organizations out there that don’t fit the blueprint necessary to establish, maintain, and execute a strategy that provides maximum benefit.  Choosing the right company is paramount to your success leveraging cash flow life insurance to your overall benefit.  At 3Cipher, we narrow down the available choices and pick a company that serves your best interest, and this is how we add value to our clients’ lives.

The qualifications necessary to implement an optimized cash flow life insurance policy are as follows:

  • 1.1   Choose a company that has been in business for well over one hundred years
  • 1.2   An organization with a rich dividend history
  • 1.3   “A” ratings across the board
  • 1.4   Non-direct recognition: earn money while accessing cash value
  • 1.5   A multi Billion dollar company
  • 1.6   A mutual company, because policy holders are owners of the company, not shareholders




Step 2 is all about reliability, proficiency, industry familiarity, and responsibility.

What is the fiduciary responsibility of the agent implementing this system for you?

A fiduciary is a person who holds an ethical or legal relationship of trust with one or more other parties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of assets or money for another person.  Many life insurance agents are not held to the fiduciary standard.  Ask yourself this, would you rather work with a person who is legally obligated to do what is in your best interest, or who only works to their own best interest?

The answer will increasingly be to choose the fiduciary, as prudent investors are learning the difference between the two.

By choosing to work with someone who is obligated to serve your best interest, you can build a smarter system that delivers what is promised. We improve the health of your business and personal interests while generating cash flow and growing your money at the same time.

The major components of business accountability in an insurance agent are:

2.1 Credibility

2.2 Expertise

2.3 Industry knowledge

2.4 Accountability

The second step is crucial.  If you don’t get this step right, the whole system breaks down and doesn’t serve the interest of you and/or your business.   This is not something you want to go on the internet and try to do yourself.  WebMD is no substitute for a real doctor.  And a Google search is not a substitute for a licensed fiduciary agent.


Step 3 – Determine the Modified Endowment Contract upper limit to fund your policy


Step 3 is all about maximizing and optimizing your Cash Flow Life Insurance so it works for you and your business interests.

In Step 3, we walk you through the process to understand and identify to upper limit and ceiling of how you can max fund your policy to provide the greatest possible benefit available. 

The term modified endowment contract, or MEC, has been around for more than 30 years, but it continues to blur and “bewilder” policy holders and agents alike.

Back in the 1970s, life insurance corporations were looking to control certain tax advantages of cash-value life insurance policies. The life insurers engineered products that allowed contract owners to amass cash that could be taken out completely free and clear of taxation.

The U.S. government saw this behavior as a tax shelter for the rich and created the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act (TAMRA) as a solution. Under the TAMRA, a Modified Endowment Contract would no longer be considered a life insurance contract if:

The contract was created on or after June 20, 1988.

It meets the legal definition of a life insurance contract (IRS Section 7702).

It fails to meet the 7-pay test.

We deign the policy to reach the highest possible limit without reaching this MEC definition.  This is why it is so valuable to you and your business.  This loophole was closed for a reason, but you can still take advantage of what this has to offer you.  By reaching the MEC limit, you get to take advantage of all 10 cornerstones of an effective Cash Flow Life Insurance policy, which we will get into in the following section.




Step 4 is all about creating a policy that delivers every single possible benefit to you and your business. And we are going to dive much deeper into this concept in Theme 2.

Proper policy design is the singular cornerstone to Cash Flow Life Insurance.

Paid up additions are secret ingredient to Cash Flow Life Insurance.  Without it, you just have another improperly designed policy that doesn’t deliver any real living value to you or your business.  What are paid up additions, and why does it matter?  Paid up additions, which we will call PUA for short, is the cornerstone of Cash Flow Life Insurance.  This is the policy rider that allows investors to funnel additional cash directly into the net cash value of their policy, which they can turn around and tap into to generate sources of cash flow to enhance real estate investing.  Investopedia defines PUA as a rider available on a whole life insurance policy, that lets policy holders increase their death benefit, but more importantly, the living benefit by increasing the policy’s cash value.  Paid up additions themselves then earn dividends, and the value continues to compound indefinitely over time.  This allows the policyholder to take tax free loans from the policy, which can even be used to pay the premium for the policy.

The cash value acts as collateral, but at the end of the day, you are actually borrowing from the life insurance company itself.  This is the concept of using other people’s money.  PUA supercharges your policy and cash value, and can be designed for whatever age.  At the end of the day, you want access to cash immediately.  A lot of insurance salesmen will sell you a whole life insurance policy that doesn’t accumulate significant cash value until year 10 or 20, because they get a bigger commission.  Instead of you paying the insurance agent a big commission, pay that money straight into your policy so YOU are the one who can access it at any time, for any reason, as many times as you want. The applications for real estate investing with this cash flow are endless.

Earn a dependable, certain rate of return no matter what the markets do.  If the market goes up or down, your wealth in the policy still grows repeatedly as your account gets to enjoy tax-advantaged growth and takes advantage of compounding interest.  The steady, guaranteed returns averages anywhere between two and four percent. The non guaranteed dividend portion of the platform can increase these returns up to the five to six percent range.  There is no capital depreciation because there is a guaranteed minimum interest rate regardless of the interest rate environment.

Deposits made into Cash Flow Life Insurance can never go down.  This is not like a traditional retirement account.  If Uncle Sam makes a change the tax laws, which they do all the time, it won’t affect this account whatsoever.  Your account is a contract so you know precisely what your guaranteed returns are.  Since it is a private contract, it is not regulated like employer sponsored retirement plans. This provides capital preservation without risking principle, so your cash flow is not affected by market volatility and you won’t lose your money if the stock market “crashes” again, which it does on a fairly regular basis.  Cash Flow Life Insurance protects against litigation so in many cases you don’t have to worry about your account being subject to bankruptcy or litigation.

There are ten key components to policy design to achieve the aforementioned benefits.  They are:

  • 4.1 Tax deferred growth
  • 4.2 Tax free distribution
  • 4.3 Competitive Return
  • 4.4 High Contributions
  • 4.5 Collateral opportunities
  • 4.6 Safe Harbor
  • 4.7 No-loss provisions
  • 4.8 Guaranteed loan options
  • 4.9 Unstructured loan payments
  • 4.10 Liquidity, use, and control




Step 5 is all about leveraging Cash Flow Life Insurance to systematically create cash flow sources that don’t interrupt the sequence of return of your money.  Take the money, while growing the money at the same time.

So how does this system really work?  Cash Flow Life Insurance allows you to be your own “bank” by swiftly borrowing cash for anything you need without the aggravation of a loan application and no exasperating credit check. Your cash flow is not “locked up” like most retirement accounts.  You can quickly access and use your cash flow any time you want for any situation.  Cash Flow Life Insurance acts like a reservoir for your money that automatically builds up a cash for needs such as real estate investing, vacations, business needs, or tax-free retirement without having to “cash out” , so you won’t trigger an expensive capital gain.  The exponential growth curve of compounding interest, that is to say, the sequence of returns, doesn’t get interrupted when you take that money. 

With Cash Flow Life Insurance, you can access this cash flow for any purpose using rapid access, easy loans while your cash continues to grow and grow. These loans from your “bank” are private, do not have a structured loan repayment schedule, and do not require high credit scores or annoying credit checks.  You can control your cash flow and access to capital.  Think of it this way.  If your revenue drops by 40% in your business, banks won’t lend to you.  But if you have a cash rich Smart Reserve System, you can avoid that and instantly have access to capital. This allows you to receive periodic cash flow completely tax free regardless of age, with no penalties.


In Summary:


Pick the right company.  Choose the best agent to work with.  Optimize the policy to the highest possible limit. Design the policy so it provides all ten benefits.  And finally, turn on the cash flow machine and enjoy tax free gains while having full access to the money you invest.

The rich have their own playbook. They play the game so it works specifically for them, and are able to limit their risk while guaranteeing returns and interest.  If you want to be rich, follow their patterns and do what they do.  They don’t rely on luck or gamble their money on Wall Street.  They play it safe and smart, and you should too.   You don’t need to add higher risk for greater returns.  You need a better system.  Cash Flow Life Insurance is a better system, because it allows you to protect and grow your wealth at this same time. This helps you earn compound interest, lower taxes, and employ swiftness all in one simple account.  The majority of US senators are using this system right now, and for good reason.  This was originally a tax shelter for the rich, but is now available to you and me.  We plan this program to methodically make you wealthier every day.  We find out what you need, and deliver a plan that brings you closer to that destination.  On average, 10% of our wealth gets transferred away to the big financial institutions and taxes.  We help people find money they are losing to Uncle Sam or Wall Street and recapture that wealth, and put that cash flow back into their own pockets.  We can engineer this so it’s going to work, regardless of your revenue so your financial framework is set up appropriately.  We tailor each Cash Flow Life Insurance policy according to your personal situation.  We have a proven process, and we know it works.  Our expert team of specialists will work with you to determine the best plan of action for you, based on your current assets and income. 

Schedule A Free 30-Minute Consultation

Our Financial Expert Advisor will personally reach out to answer all of your questions.

Schedule a free 30-Minute Consultation

Our Financial Expert Advisor will personally reach out to answer all of your questions.

Our Support and Sales Team is available 24/7 to answer your queries

Our Support and Sales Team is available 24/7 to answer your queries

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